“Go 4 Green” Campaign

Over the past 12 years, the Community Development Corporation Resource Consortium (CDCRC) has been a pioneer in implementing programs to help build wealth in the Dayton area. During that time, the CDCRC has assisted more than 500 families in keeping their homes, getting a new car, repairing their credit, or starting a new business. A natural extension of those programs is to emphasize “the greening of our urban community” through the improved environmental stewardship of community assets and resources.

The CDCRC is leading the way by improving the energy efficiency of its office building at 323 Salem Avenue and by identifying opportunities and sharing best practices for other similar projects in our neighborhood. We are “going green in the hood” by creating a leaner, cleaner, greener environment.

“We know how energy consumption can really make a difference in one’s budget and we know how it can make and break a household. We want to show how our changes have allowed us to be a great fiscal role model for every household in this community.”

Agaytha Corbin, President and CEO of the CDCRC

You can help us “go green” and “teach green” in the community and throughout Montgomery County. Please donate whatever portion of your “harvest” that you can afford to promote and sustain these environmental (and economic development) initiatives. You will be planting good seeds on fertile ground at the CDCRC.

Please donate today by clicking on the “Donate” button below (donations are processed through PayPal) or by filling out one of our donor forms.

Donate to the UGI “Go 4 Green” Campaign

The CDCRC is a qualified 501(c)(3) charitable organization. That means that money and items donated to the CDCRC are tax deductible. We know that’s not why you give, but the potential tax deductions do give a little bit back to you in return.

We thank you for your financial support of the CDCRC and we wish you peace, prosperity and power in this Harvest season!