Angel Auto Reboot Event – Saturday, October 19

  • Place: Double Take Auto Sales
    1316 Linden Ave
    Dayton Ohio 45410
  • Date: Saturday, October 19, 2019
  • Time: 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm
  • Snacks will be available, as well as games for the kids
  • Gift card giveaways totaling $100
  • Wright Pat Credit Union and CDCRC will be on hand to do preliminary intakes for the Angel Auto Program
  • Live remote broadcast by WROU 92.1FM

Please see the Angel Auto Reboot flyer for more information.

Revised Angel Auto Network

We encounter many individuals with barriers to employment, and one of the most significant barriers is the lack of reliable transportation. In order to meet this need, the CDCRC has partnered with Double Take Auto (DTA) to create an automobile donation program called “The Angel Auto Network.” Through generous donations of automobiles from caring individuals, we are able to provide safe, affordable transportation to someone within our community.

We are seeking individuals who are willing to donate used vehicles so that others from the community will benefit. Please consider being “An Angel” to someone in need.

The CDCRC is a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization. Please contact us today at (937) 951-4187 to arrange a quick, no-hassle pick-up time for your donated vehicle . If you don’t have a vehicle, but would still like to donate to the Angel Auto program, please let us know.

For more information about the Angel Auto Network, please go to our Angel Auto page.

Rescue Fund Program

The Rescue Fund Program is in the process of being revamped and rebooted. Look for more information later this summer.

Micro-Enterprise Small Business Program

The Micro Enterprise Small Business Loan Program is still going on.

Introducing the Joyvin Mobile Grocer

In collaboration with the CDCRC, Joyvin Mobile Grocer is serving the West Dayton area. They sell products like a grocery store, focusing on healthy food and other domestic necessities.

For more information about Joyvin Mobile Grocer, please visit the JMG Facebook page or read this recent article.

To support the mobile grocery, please visit their Go Fund Me page.

CDCRC In Transition

The CDCRC is in the midst of a significant transition. Please be patient with us as we evolve to serve you better. I ask for your continued prayer, support and understanding as we make these changes.


Our mailing address:

  • CDCRC Inc
  • P O Box 61374
  • Dayton Ohio 45406
  • Mobile Office (937) 951-4187
  • Mobile Fax (937) 963-0845

Our social media addresses:

Support the CDCRC by Making an Online Payment

You can now support the causes of the CDCRC through our new online payment store. Just click on the image below to go to our store on Squareup:

CDCRC Donated Home – A New Beginning

Agaytha Corbin, President and CEO of the CDCRC talks about a home that was made available to the CDCRC by Wells Fargo and donated to a local family.


Ellie Schenck and her husband Jeremy were the recipients of a new home made available by Wells Fargo and donated by the Community Development Corporation Resource Consortium. In this video, Ellie describes the work that they have done to improve the home.

Food Drive to Benefit Wesley Community Center Food Pantry

The Thurgood Marshal STEM High School Boys Basketball Booster Club, in collaboration with the CDCRC, will be collecting canned goods and dry goods throughout next several weeks with all items to benefit the Wesley Community Center.

Collection boxes are located in the school front hallway, and donations will be accepted during regular school hours. The food drive will run from October 21 to November 21.

Why do this Food Drive? As noted by Yvette Kelly-Fields, Executive Director of the Wesley Community Center:

“West Dayton is an identified food desert. The lack of access to a variety of affordable healthy foods is evident by the lack of full service grocery stores in the area. Most of the foods available in the area are prepackaged processed foods that are high in fat, sugar and cost. Wesley Center is able to offset this imbalance through its food pantry by providing healthier options at no cost.”

The focus of this food drive is “giving the good stuff,” which encourages families to donate the kinds of foods that have the most impact at a pantry – peanut butter, canned tuna fish, canned meats, canned vegetables and other non-perishable nutritional items – rather than less nutritious snack items or those other foods from the back of the cabinet that rarely get eaten. Please see the donation list for other suggested items.

For more information on the food drive, please see the complete press release.

For more information about the “Battle Against Hunger” basketball games on November 21, please see the game flyer.

“Bring Your Green” Challenge

CDCRC - Bring Your Green Challenge


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Thank You for Your Support of the Angel Auto Program – Still Time to Support the CDCRC in 2014

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Be Healthy, Be Green, Be Me – Live Chat

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CDCRC - Small Business Clients - Case Management

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Agaytha Corbin – Appeal for Donations to Support the CDCRC and the Urban Green Initiative


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Welcome to the CDCRC – Working Together to Create Community Wealth!

The CDCRC combines community and economic development to create socially responsive capital wealth. It was created to provide direct services through education, economic development opportunities and capacity-building services to grassroots non-profits, faith-based and community development organizations, and small businesses. We are an innovative organization that acts as a community organizer or liaison by providing mixed services to other agencies.

Ours is a proven comprehensive case managed assistance model:

  • We partner with our clients without encumbering them
  • We deliver programs in response to critical unfilled needs in our community
  • High-touch assistance is even more critical in changing economic times

The CDCRC’s innovative whole-person approach is at the front-line of today’s national economic conversation.

Our thesis for Bottom-up Economic Development is quite simple: Whole people form whole neighborhoods and whole communities; Whole people need sustainable high quality jobs; and Wealth-building is the source of sustainable high quality jobs.

This is the basis of our opportunity together.