Angel Auto Success Stories

In order to meet the transportation needs of our clients, the CDCRC has partnered with Double Take Auto (DTA) to create an automobile donation program called “The Angel Auto Network”.

Through the generous donations of automobiles by caring individuals in the community, we are able to provide safe, affordable transportation to some of those most in need.

Please click on the links below to read about some of the success stories where an “Angel Auto” has had a dramatic impact on the lives of CDCRC clients:

These women are excellent examples of how the CDCRC empowers low-to-moderate income people. We support them as they gain knowledge, which helps them to positively impact their financial status while giving them a renewed sense of dignity and respect.

In considering the old adage about giving a person a fish versus teaching them how to fish . . . we here at the CDCRC appreciate the opportunity to teach people how to fish, while also preparing them to be able one day to purchase the pond.