Angel Auto Success Story #3

A Process

Have you ever tried to make a cake and decided to throw the flour in at the end of the process? I would venture to say it was not a very good cake. Each step of the process ensures that the end product comes out good. That’s what financial empowerment is. Critical money management decisions that will inevitably brighten your financial future.

A few years ago my fiancé, who is now my husband, and I were plagued with bad money decisions, unemployment, and a lack of knowledge. We found ourselves on the proverbial roller coaster. Things got rough for us as 4 people piled into a one bedroom apartment with one income. We didn’t have a car and we depended on the kindness of others to do everyday tasks, such as grocery shopping, picking up our kids, and just getting around. This would frustrate the dickens out of most, but we knew if we just had a break, we would work hard at not repeating the same mistakes in the past that led to repossessions, high interest loans, and yes, even eviction. This is the part of the process I call our Mirror Moment. You have to acknowledge a need for change by first being realistic about your situation.

We came across a flyer for the CDCRC, and the Angel Auto program. We contacted the office and came in for an assessment. This included looking at our current money situation and our past debt. With a careful review and ongoing recommendations, we were the prime candidates for the Angel Auto Program. We went to Xenia Auto parts and picked out a 2002 PT Cruiser. We worked hand in hand with the Loan officers and Account representative at Wright-Patt Credit Union. The program proved to be an awesome way for us to establish credit, and build a relationship with a reputable financial institution. The underwriting process was not based on our past , but on our ability and willingness to take control of our finances going forward. We set up an automatic debit from our checking account on our pay days. This was done so that we would not miss one payment.

Since then we have been blessed with two cars from the Angel Auto program. We paid both loans off before the scheduled time and we share a sense of accomplishment by simply remembering the process. We apply the same wonderful advice given to us from the CDCRC and we share our successes often. The CDCRC is valuable staple in the community and we remain grateful for the hard work and great advice given to us during a very needy time in our lives. Although we still have goals ahead of us such as home ownership, we can respect the process and work hard at it.

Nichole M. Dabney and Family