“Creating Community Wealth” Gold Fundraiser!

Join us for our “Creating Community Wealth” Gold Fundraiser!
Friday, September 30 (11:00 am to 3:00 pm)
CDCRC Building, 323 Salem Avenue
RSVP Required: Call Pat Chisom at (937) 430-0446

Nothing to Buy . . . Leave with Cash!

Bring your out-of-style or broken gold jewelry or other gold items to the fundraiser, have them appraised, and then walk away with cash. Get paid for:

  • Broken and out-of-style jewelry
  • Class rings, cuff links, chains, money clips, or bracelets
  • Religious gold or service pins
  • Earrings (single or pair), necklaces, dental gold
  • Charms, key rings, rings

A certified gold buyer from Goldbug Parties will be at the event to test the gold items and to make you an offer. You can then leave with the cash.

Because it is hosting the event, CDCRC will receive money from Goldbug Parties for each gram of gold purchased at the event.

Come to a fun party, generate some cash for yourself, and support the “Creating Community Wealth” initiatives of the CDCRC. You’ll be getting top dollar for your gold and helping a wonderful organization.

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