Video – Invitation to Open House at Rapha House Wellness Center

On March 16, 2013, a special Open House will be held at the Rapha House Wellness Center, located at 4421 Salem Ave., from 10am til noon.

This will be a unique opportunity to learn more about healthy lifestyles, diet and nutrition and the important facts, tips, and other information on exercising techniques and eating healthy.

Learn from the pros so you can get yourself back on track and achieve the personal goals you have set for yourself.

This special event, co-sponsored by Rapha House Wellness Center and the CDCRC’s Urban Green Initiative, is part of the special “Healthy Green Living” Series, which is focused on educating the community about energy efficiency, financial and business planning, and creating efficient and cleaner environments, families, communities and homes.

Rapha House services are convenient and affordable and will help you maintain your busy schedule and lifestyle. Some of its unique services include a naturopathic doctor, an infrared sauna, a fitness trainer, a juice and smoothie bar, aerobic classes as well as healthy products and “Refresh and Renew” retreats.

Attendees will also learn about upcoming programs that could not only help them live healthier, but could also save them money and assist them on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

For more information, please contact the Rapha House Wellness Center at 937.275.9473 or the UGI Project Manager Karen Jackson at 937.223.5966.

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